Friday, February 11, 2011

Day for Hearts

Before this blogger gets too bogged down in Valentine's day arrangements, wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.  Monday is the big day, but floral designers everywhere are digging in for a very busy and probably exhausting weekend.  Hundreds of thousands of roses will pass through flower shops this weekend and their way to intended and fortunate recipients.

Remember to be kind to your florist during these busy times.  Patronize locally owned and operated shops, order promptly, be expectant of higher prices, and always give your professional florist a good amount of freedom to arrange the best of available flowers for you.  Giving a florist a little more freedom helps avoid problems especially when rose quantities are so in demand.  Remember that though what you must have is Red Roses, that when you order late, the red roses may all be spoken for... pink is a wonderful substitute and comes in many beautiful shades.  Also, consider letting your florist express your thoughts with a more interesting arrangement... something other than the standard vase of one dozen roses.  Options can be mixed vases with red, pink, and white flowers.  Planted flowers such as tea roses, or tulips, orchid plants, etc.

Composite arrangements, smaller vases with massing of roses in one or mixed colors are a beautiful and contemporary alternative to the traditional tall vase of long stemmed roses.  However, consider, there are many more roses in this type of arrangement and will cost considerably more.  Small doesn't always mean less expensive!

Royal wedding tidbit for the day... With the next royal wedding(s)... Zara Phillips is getting married too!... coming up, many folks are looking into Westminster Abbey, interest in the ancient church has been surging since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their plans to marry there.  But, did you know that some of the most popular monarchs and members of the royal family were married in other locations?  Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in The Chapel Royal, London and more recently, Prince Edward and The Countess of Wessex were married in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.


  1. We have so many camellias right now? Do you have any tips? The bright green leaves are always on the underside of the blooms. What do you do? I know people "float" them but I don't care for that look. Looking forward to seeing you tonight.

  2. Thanks for the comment Colleen, check out the Feb. 18th post for some suggestions, and other good stuff.