Monday, May 24, 2010

A little dissappointing... the York saga continues

Well, it's not news anymore, but the shady dealings of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York are spread over every news medium on the planet today.  I have to say that I haven't been this disappointed in a member or ex-member of the Royal Family, in quite some time.  In fact, I am quite shocked.  Somehow, I believed that all the really bad press plaguing the family was in the past.  Minor rows and rifts here and there by the grandchildren, yes, but this?  Come on Fergie, shape it up and start living within your means.  What must your daughters think?  Not to mention, Her Majesty the Queen... doesn't she have enough to contend with already?  .... Poor thing.

Trying not to judge here.  I can imagine that when driven into desperate times, some succumb to taking desperate measures.  I do feel for the Duchess and hopes that she finds some sort of happiness in the future.

The picture above is the wedding day of Sarah Ferguson's parents, Ronald and Susan Ferguson... not a good close up of the flowers, but definitely appears to be a wired and taped all-white flower creation, typical for the mid-50's style wedding.  Sarah's parents divorced in 1972.

Royal Wedding tidbit of the day... Sarah, Duchess of York was very much the designer of her own wedding gown... she had the dress makers embroider many symbols and images on the 15 foot train, bumble bees, helicopters, flowers, etc.  Also, she had Prince Andrew's first initial "A" emblazoned in the very center of the train.  Most critics likened the large "A" to the Scarlett Letter.  It wasn't a good omen.

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