Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day... and, more about Peter and Autumn

I thought this couple deserved one more post, not the most recent royal wedding, technically, but truthfully, there weren't too many pictures of the flowers from Freddy Windsor's wedding to talk about... so, here are a couple more from Peter and Autumn's wedding at Windsor Castle. A royal wedding wouldn't really be royal without the horse drawn carriages, and here is Autumn and Peter making their get-away in an open landau.

I think this first picture gives a great perspective on the bouquet as well, rarely do we get to see them from the side view. I heartily approve of the construction of this bouquet, as it is wonderfully multi-dimensional and looks very well proportioned even when viewed from the side. A florist in Windsor has great skill in making these traditional bridal bouquets, heavy with "wire and tape" technique.
Another picture here of Zara Phillips as bridesmaid for her new sister-in-law. A small pic, but you get to see the attendant's bouquets of all white flowers, Zara's being stephanotis. Kudos on the dresses for the bride's maids. A lovely color, and a much more modern design than those chosen for royal weddings in the past.
Royal Wedding tidbit for the day... the wedding of Peter and Autumn Phillips took place at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. The chapel, not only venue for recent royal weddings (the trend seems to be moving to more low key, so not taking place at Westminster Abbey), but also the final resting places for many of the remarkable Kings and Queens in Britain's history, including.... King Henry VIII, King George V, King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

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