Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Sweden's turn to shine...

... and shine it did... the wedding of Crown Princes Victoria and Daniel Westling, uh-hem 'scuze me, now Prince Daniel.  They were just married yesterday, so I have only seen a few pictures and a little coverage on he news channels.  Looks like it was a perfect day, and from the looks of this picture, the Crown Princess could not have been happier.

Her bouquet is certainly a lovely all white cascade of what looks to be Amazon Lilies, clusters of Stephanotis blossoms and some Dembdrobium orchids.  Hopefully, this will signal the return of the cascade bouquet as a popular choice for brides, royal and not so royal.  The groom looks very dignified in his formal wear, and as usual with royal weddings, some medals of recognition and rank are being worn instead of a boutonniere.  Video on the Today Show highighted the reception at the palace for the guest count of about 1,000.  Some of the centeriece were vases filled with lavender Sweet Pea, simple, elegant, understated: the signature of royal wedding floral style.

Just a short mention about the head wear.  Loved the coronet of cameos the royal bride wore...fantastic and so unusual... I wonder if that was her something old?

The British royal family didn't miss the event all together, as Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex (Sophie) were in attendance.  Other royal guests included kings, queens, and crown princes and princesses from Jordan, Spain, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... Crown Princess Victoria's wedding party included two future queens!  They were Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Ingrid-Alexandra of Norway.

Thanks for checking in... sorry for the absence... this thing with Fergie had me distracted. Terry.


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