Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turquoise - It's this years pink...

Is it really the color of the year? Turquoise, I mean for weddings... well, it's not, then more people should choose this bright and interesting color for their wedding color theme. When first presented with this color by a recent bride, my brain had to go into overdrive to figure out what color flowers to use, as there isn't much to my knowledge that comes in turquoise... or even close. My best strategy proved as success by asking the bride for a favorite color (other than Turquoise). Pink was the answer. I also considered the setting/venue, time of year and time of day of the ceremony. Outdoors was the location for the ceremony, and since we are in a coastal/semi-tropical region, I thought that pink and hot pink/fuscia would be a good match. As you can see form the pic of the centerpiece, things went very well. I stuck with the tropical theme and suggested orchids for the signature flower for the day, with lilies (a favorite of the bride) being the second flower choice. Sensible centerpieces, though containing many elements were fairly easy to combine. However, you have to have a good recipe and patience to get the water the right color. Green and blue (in the right measurements) makes turquoise! A late afternoon ceremony gave way to an early evening reception, still light outdoors, but not so light that many votive and floating candles helped make the setting all the more romantic.
Congratulations Courtney and Steven! married May 15th, 2010.
Royal Wedding tidbit of the day... King George VI, amended the rules a year or two after his daughter Elizabeth married Prince Phillip of Greece. Earlier in the year 1947, Phillip had relinquished his title, nationality, and religion (Greek Orthodox) in order to marry the then Princess Elizabeth. At the time of the wedding Phillip would have been a commoner, and his children would have no right to a royal title. But the King granted Phillip the title Royal Highness, Duke of Edinburgh... subsequently before the birth of Prince Charles in 1948, the King furthered the move declaring that all off-spring of Elizabeth and Phillip would be considered royal.

And here is one more pic from the turquoise and hot pink wedding.


  1. Thanks for the tribute to Courtney and Stephen. You did such a fantastic job with all the flowers. It was a spectacular day and your expertise was a huge reason the wedding was a success. Awesome job!

  2. Mark, It was my pleasure, Courtney was one of the best brides I have ever worked with. Terry.