Monday, May 10, 2010

Recreating the royal bouquets...

Recreating the magic... in this case a royal bouquet. The first pic is of Princess Mary of Denmark on the day she married Crown Prince Frederick on May 4, 2004 at Our Lady's Cathedral in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is home to the oldest European monarchy. The princess, Mary is a native Australian, and the first Australian woman to ever be in the line of succession to become a queen.
Our other bride... my cousin Jordan immediately after her wedding in June of 2009 in Lincoln, Nebraska. I see the similarity in the bouquets now, nearly a year later. Honestly, I spend so much time analyzing the British royal weddings, that I tend to overlook the royal weddings on the continent. Jordan's bouquet is made of all white/ivory Eskimo roses, some crystals and pearls were added to coordinate with the detailing on the dress and the crystal choker, which was handmade by my cousin, her new mother-in-law. Her bouquet was a round nosegay, but she wanted some ivy, so I added many long strands of English ivy, making it essentially, a cascade. Similarly, Princess Mary's bouquet is a round nosegay of what appears to be white roses, freesia, and stephanotis... though from the picture it's hard to tell for sure. However, just like Jordan's bouquet, the Princess's bouquet became a cascade when the trailing jasmine was added.
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... There was a time when it was unheard of for a member of the royal family to marry someone who was not "royal". However in 1923, Prince Albert, Duke of York married Elizabeth Bowles-Lyon... Elizabeth was a commoner, Lady Elizabeth. Since the Duke was not expected to ascend to the throne, not too much bluster was raised at the match. However, the abdication crisis of 1936 caused a bit of a jolt, to put it lightly. When Edward the VIII abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, Prince Albert Duke of York became King George VI. So, literally, King George VI was the first British king to be married to one of his subjects. Surely enough though, Lady Elizabeth, Duchess of York became Queen Elizabeth. She was queen consort however, and did not reign, her husband was the reigning monarch until his death in 1952. His daughter Princess Elizabeth then became Queen Elizabeth II.


  1. Looking forward to your beautiful floral creations at my daughter's wedding this weekend. :)

  2. Mark,thanks, all the arrangements are finished, just have to install, I am sure everyone will be pleased. Terry.

  3. Not sure if you are aware, but CP Mary's bouquet was placed on her mother's grave. Here is a link with a picture: