Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009

Joy, Rapture! A royal wedding has occurred. Lord Fredrick Windsor, son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent has married Miss Sophie Winkleman. The wedding took place on September 12th at the Chapel Royal of Hampton Court Palace. It has been suggested that I do some blog posts in installments. I have a couple more wonderful pictures of the event... so I will share them one at a time, with all of you. In the picture here, we see the interior of the Chapel royal during the ceremony. The flowers we can see, are all in white. Perfect! all white flowers for a royal wedding, a perfect setting.
Soon in a blog post to come in a couple of days, a picture of the bouquet!
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... The Queen, Prince Phillip and Prince Charles were not invited to this royal wedding event. The wedding took place during the royal families annual Balmoral retreat... by not inviting them, the pressure for them to interrupt their much deserved holiday was removed.
Sorry for the absence, I hope to be back posting on a much more regular basis.

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  1. Hello my Dear - This blogging suits you! I love checking in to see what I can expect once prince charming comes my way & whisks me off to keep me in the manner I wish to be accustomed to! I thought of you as I set up for the opening of "Diana a Celebration" here in Philly on Oct. 1st! (I wrote about you!)
    Love, J