Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2, 2009

Thought I would talk today about one of my favorite flowers to use in a bridal bouquet. Lily of the Valley. This tiny, yet fragrant flower is quite a traditional choice for bridal bouquets. It is difficult to grow, I understand, thus is relatively expensive to use in an arrangement. However, it has the classic bridal flower look... small, white, and very delicate.
Royal bouquets have included it... Princess Diana, and Sarah Duchess of York, both carried bouquets of all white and cream tone flowers, of which there was a profusion of Lily of the Valley. Traditionally in the Victorian era language of flowers, Lily of the Valley is said to represent the tears of the Virgin Mary.
Lily of the Valley, like I stated previously is very expensive, also, I have found it extremely delicate. Therefore, much care must be taken to keep the flowers refrigerated as much as possible to preserve them. I have often seen Lily of the Valley go limp and begin to wilt in a bouquet soon after it leaves the cooler. Great care must be taken to add the lily of the valley to wired and hand tied bouquets at the last possible moment before use or carrying by the bride.
If you are going to use Lily of the Valley... good luck and take extremely good care of these tiny yet elegant flowers.
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... there are no formal pictures showing the bouquet carried by Elizabeth, Duchess of York, later Queen Mother. She began the tradition of leaving the bouquet at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior during her wedding to Albert, Duke of York on April 26, 1923. I have read that the bouquet actually contained white roses and Lily of the Valley, however, there are other reports that say the bouquet consisted of white roses and heather from her native Scotland. There is also confusion over who made her bouquet; was it Edward Goodyear, or some unknown floral designer at the Worshipful Company of Gardeners?? Looks like I have a mystery to solve!

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