Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009

The word for today... Profusion. Yes, a look that has been popular for a while now, and I sure like it. A lot of one flower all pulled together tightly, roses, stephanotis, orchids, lilies, Lily of the Valley... even the lowly alstromeria. They all look wonderful in big round bundles. Not only does this look good for bouquets but also for centerpieces. But, watch out for the price of these fully packed arrangements. Without foliage and spacing between the flowers there is a lot of space to fill. The bouquet to the left is a profusion of green cymbidium orchids with a collar of seeded eucalyptus.
No royal weddings that I can think of, in recent memory have used this effect for the bride. However, when Autumn Kelly married Peter Phillips last year, the brides maids carried nosegays, all a profusion of Lily of the Valley. Peter Phillips is the son of Princess Anne and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... Due to the rules followed in Great Britain for ascension to the thrown, royal family members who wish to retain their place in the line of succession are forbidden to marry Roman Catholics. Autumn Kelley, from Canada, was Catholic... however, she renounced her Catholic Faith for the Church of England so that Peter Phillips would not loose his place in the line of succession to the throne.
Also, many thanks to my followers, especially my #1 sister-in-law, Colleen. I value her input concerning my blog and support for me in all my endeavors. Terry.

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