Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ahhhh, nothing like a bouquet of all white roses, and plenty of variegated ivy... The rose variety here is Eskimo, the most well behaved and bridal-esque white rose I can think of.
Roses played a big part in Princess Diana's wedding. Her bouquet contained a pale yellow rose name the Lord Mountbatten Rose, big butter colored blooms that were half way to full openness that acted as a focal point of her bouquet. David Longman designed that bouquet as well as the all white floral arrangements in St. Paul's Cathedral. Mr. Longman shared with me that he would have liked the t.v. cameras to have been more focused on the flowers in the Cathedral. Alas, I think that day that no one wanted to miss a second of Diana's walk to and from the altar.
Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... Princess Elizabeth's (Queen Elizabeth II) bouquet contained not a single rose... her bouquet was composed of all orchids grown in England.

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