Friday, February 25, 2011

The Belgians - Matilde's big foliage bouquet...

Prince Phillipe and Mathilde d'Acos were married in 1999 in Brussels, the religious ceremony being held at The Cathedral of Saint Michel. 

I have read many criticisms of Mathilde's bouquet... "too bushy" was one comment.  Agreed that the size and scale are a bit off for her dimensions, but, I understand the look the designer was going for.  I would probably have kept with the same materials, but only tapered the bouquet in order for it to better compliment the cut of the gown.  There is a lot of foliage there, and the white flowers are so small that it is difficult for this florist to determine exactly what type of flowers they are.  Perhaps they are white freesia.  I do really like the look of the trailing jasmine vine.  Someone was definitely going for the "natural" look... and they got it.

I myself have created a similar bouquet... the bride specified lots of interesting foliages and with a grassy look, she also instructed, "all white flowers", but "no roses, orchids, or lillies", so it too some work to come up with a flower combination that did not include those three traditional flowers.  That bouquet ended up containing things like lisianthus, freesia, Queen Anne's Lace, bouvardia and stephanotis, and it was lovely.

Royal Wedding tid-bit of the day.... with the big day for Prince William and Kate Middleton getting closer, the wedding party has been chosen, and the invitations have gone out.  The bride's family in this case doesn't handle the invitation list, however, the staff at the palace have the job of issuing the roughly 1,800 that will go out to some very lucky people, and the Queen herself doesn't even have to lick any stamps!  The Lord Chamberlain's office at Buckingham Palace follows the orders of the Queen and sends out royal wedding invitations.  And, two celebrations are planned for April 29th following the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.  First, Her Majesty the Queen will host the traditional wedding breakfast at the palace... which will hopefully be proceeded and followed by balcony appearances by the newly wedded couple and the rest of the Royal Family.  Later in the day, the father of the groom, Prince Charles will be hosting an evening party/banquet, to be held at Buckingham Palace as well.

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