Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Old Flocked Tree

Remember from yesterdays posting?  I talked a bit about having a silver tip tree while living in California?  Well, here is an old pic of that silver tip that I had flocked.  I think this pic is from the by-gone year of 1998... can't believe it's been almost 13 years since this pic was taken.  So, you can clearly see how much weight the flocking and the lights added to those poor tree branches.  This tree was so difficult to decorate.  Hanging the ornaments was a real challenge as the hanging hooks had to be gouged into the flocking material to secure them to the tree.  It was beautiful to be sure, but certainly a big hassle.  This was the one and only tree I ever had flocked and probably never will again, as flocked trees just aren't seen in my part of the world.  The next pic is of the same tree but with more of the decorations added.  My good old friend Bret was there to help, along with about 20 other folks helping us celebrate the season and decorate the tree.
Flocked tree tid-bit for the day...  the tree skirt is a special one.  My mother made that tree skirt by hand and sent it to me in SF, CA that year, especially for this tree in it's blue and white theme.  It's made of taffeta, with a tiny snowflake pattern.  I have used it since on the years that I had a white, although artificial tree.  It is still lovely, and special since it's hand made by my mother... I am saving it for the day when the house is big enough for two trees... a white and blue tree in the living room, and a fresh green tree in the den.

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  1. Oh Boy!...does that bring back memories or what! We sure had fun that night even if the tree was a hassle to decorate! Seems like yesterday that we did this....13 years ago?...REALLY!?!?...oh my!...Have a happy joy filled holiday darling!....B.