Monday, December 13, 2010

Engagement Excitement... and some other excitement!

The Today show is counting it down, only 139 days until the Royal Wedding of the century... unless, William and Kate's first child is more wildly popular than they are... then, that wedding will be the wedding of the century...what? probably some 30-35 years from now?  Prince William chose a photographer that so famous captured his mother so movingly in pictures just prior to her death.  I think it would be hard for anyone to argue that the couple pictured above is truly in love, and that their future will be happy and peaceful as a married couple.  I have heard so many people talking about them as King and Queen.  It's hard for me to look quite that far ahead, especially with William's grandmother still on the throne of England, not to mention that his father will be king before him.  With Prince Charles's attitudes towards healthy living, who can tell how long it will be before William is eventually crowned?

On a quite different note, an image of the royals that we are not used to seeing in the media.  Protesters attacking the Prince and Duchess's car?  Really, the look on the Duchess's face really tells it all as far as how surprising the incident was.  I wonder who was in charge of choosing that route to the theater?

Royal Tidbit for the day ...  Prince William will be marrying a commoner, it's sounds kinda mean, but in England, Kate Middleton is neither a member of the Nobility/Aristocracy, nor the royal family.  Royal marriages to commoners are rare but a previous king, King James II married Anne Hyde in September of 1660.  Princess Diana, daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer, was of noble birth, yet, not royalty.  After Dian's father died in 1992, her brother Charles became the 9th Earl Spencer.

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