Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas: Vintage is the way we go...

So, all is not royal weddings at my house... especially during December.  The weekend finally came and we got to bring the tree inside to decorate.  Vintage, vintage, vintage.  That's the way we have been going decoration-wise for the past few years.  All it takes is a steady collecting of old decorations, anything that reminds you of your childhood Christmas celebrations.  I don't keep a lot of stuff, with the exception of photos and Christmas decorations.  I am very proud of a few things on the tree in particular... one, the angel.  The tree topper, pictured below belonged to my grandmother bought, I think sometime in the late '50's... there is still a K-Mart price sticker reading 68 cents on the original box that it came in from the store.  Another ornament is a glass ball, belonging again to my grandmother, this one is depression era we think, faded color on the glass and a rusty fixture on the top for hanging.  They are most treasured, along with some ornaments that were on the tree when I was young.

Along the way, I went back to using the big C7 colored lights, bubble lights, light reflectors, tinsel garland and the true, heavy, shimmering lead icicles.  It really gives the tree a vintage look.  EBay is the best way to go vintage when it comes to Christmas.  Just search "vintage Christmas decorations" ... there are literally hundreds of pages of old things to buy or bid on.  Good luck with creating your vintage-look Christmas tree.

Royal Tidbit of the day ... Kate Middleton is about to spend her last Christmas as a commoner, after she is married, she will be a Princess as well as rumored will become the Duchess of Cambridge.  For years to come she will probably be spending the holidays with The Royal Family at Sandringham, in Surrey, or at Balmoral Castle.  Good luck Kate!

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