Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kate's Bouquet... the wedding of the century!

So the big day we had all been waiting for has come and gone.  What a day it was!  Princess Catherine, as she will now be referred to on this blog, was quite a vision in her dress.  After discussing the dress with a few people... while the wedding was still in progress... we had some very similar takes on the design.  First, that we loved it.  Second that it was perfect for her age and our modern age, while still capturing the elegant, formal, and royal style that this wedding demanded.  Many media commentators reflected on it's similarity to that of Princess Grace of Monaco's (Grace Kelly) wedding dress.  However, upon seeing Princess Catherine emerge from the car... I thought, Maria VonTrapp a la "The Sound of Music".  I think there are many similarities in cut, style and presence.

Now for what this blog is all about............... flowers for royal weddings may have reached it's pinnacle.  Even before the grand car reached the abbey, the television cameras were able to pick up some pretty good shots of the bouquet, Princess Catherine waving with her "bouquet-free" hand.  Immediately it was apparent that the grand cascade style would not be making a comeback... (but I hate that word) ahem... will not be making a "return", there, that's better.

I was really hoping for trends to set with this bouquet, and I will be honest and say that I was just a little bit disappointed with the bouquet.  The flower content will be difficult to emulate.  With the majority of the flowers being Lily of the Valley, pricing this bouquet for a proposal would send any bride into fits of distress.  Then the Hyacinth pips... lovely and fragrant, but only available for such a short time each year.  Interestingly, Sweet William was included for obvious reasons.  Actually I have never thought of adding Sweet William to wedding work ever, so there might be a good idea to try and go with.  If a bride today would ask for this bouquet, I would definately suggest using stephanotis as a substitute for the Lily of the Valley, if for nothing but the fragrance factor.  I will say that even though the size was slightly disappointing, I did very much like the shape.  The official wedding site from Clarence House is describing it as "shield" shaped, but I am going with my first impression of "heart shaped" which certainly is more a romantic description.

Surely everyone noticed that Pipa Middleton carried not one flower, only wearing flowers in her hair.  Of course she had charge of the two youngest bridesmaids, so out of necessity, her hands had to be free.  Let's hope this does not become the trend. 

Another notice to take is that none of the women, mother, step-mother, aunts, cousins, or Majestic Grandmother... none of these ladies wore a corsage!  This is a trend that I wouldn't mind having catch on.

                                               white Hyacinth pips
                                                          Lilly of the Valley
                                                        Sweet William

                                         So many similarities... I do hope that this dress will wake up the thousands of brides to be and show them that traditional can be elegant, tasteful, and most importantly... fashionable!

Royal Wedding Tid-bit for the day... just hours after the conclusion of the wedding, I heard from a good friend in England, by email.  She tells me that news shows there report that the trees from the Abbey aisle will be replanted soon at Highgrove, Prince Charles' country estate.  Nice way to keep it GREEN!

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