Friday, April 22, 2011

Kate's Royal Bouquet... maybe some Lilies?

In 1934, princess Marina of Greece and Denmark married Prince George Duke of Kent (uncle of Queen Elizabeth) at Westminster Abbey.  Above is a picture from the mandatory balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace following the Abbey wedding.  Princess Marina chose lilies for her bouquet... the bouquet appears to be an arm bouquet arrangement of all Longiflorum or Easter, or St. Joseph's lilies.  I am sure that bouquet was very fragrant. 

I think it would be a wonderful and striking choice for Kate to have these Easter time lilies in her bouquet since her wedding to Prince William will fall less than a week after Easter Sunday.  Churches this weekend will be filled with these bright white blooms with their very distinctive sweet and powerful fragrance.  Often Easter lilies have very large blooms, and the way they grow parallel to the ground would require removing the blooms at the stalk and subjected to very heavy wiring... in order for them to cascade properly in any hand carried arrangement.

With only a week to go before the big day, I can only imagine the controlled chaos that must be happening at a few of En glands floral design studios.  I hear that three florists have been chosen to share the flower duties.  You have to consider the importance of the bouquets that will be seen, some closeup by estimated billions of television viewers.  Also, the Abbey will be decked out with very large floral displays, then there are all the floral decorations required back at the palace for not one but two receptions to be held next Friday, April 29th.

Kate, like all other royal brides will not be tossing away one of her probably three identical bouquets, but rather, will send one back to the Abbey by some of the palace staff to lay on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior that lies just inside the great west doors of the Abbey.

Royal Wedding Tid-bit of the day... when Marina of Greece and Prince George married in 1934, one of the attending bridesmaids was an eight year old Princess Elizabeth of York, who in the matter of 2 and a half years would become the heir presumptive to the throne when her Uncle David a.k.a King Edward VIII would abdicate the throne making Elizabeth's father, Prince Albert of York, the next King... King George VI.


  1. Hi Terry, thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my "All things Kate - Royal wedding watch" at my blog "Flower Girl Cottage" I am so excited for this Royal Wedding - Dianna and I are the same age and I have LOVED her and followed her story and the Princes for years now - I wish the best for them all - I am enchanted all over again.

    You are living my dream "Floral Designer" I make my flowers from yarn but my Dream job would be working in a Flower shop and setting up events.

    "Stay Calm and Flower On"


  2. Cheryl, sorry for the really long response return time. With FB and other social media forums, I have all but given up on my blog... glad to see that someone has visited. The wedding was spectacular and surely did not disappoint. Since then we have traveled to London and attended matins services in Westminster Abbey! We were most fortunate to have been seated in the choir stalls for the service and the officiant at our service was the same man that officiated for William and Catherine. It was truly a dream come true. And you too... keep calm and flower on! Terry.