Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day... wedding flowers from the past

It just wouldn't do for me to stop posting on the blog now that the wedding of the century has come and gone, leaving us with roughly 89 years to wait at least before there could be another wedding of the century.  I for one don't plan on being around for the next wedding of the century.  So, things may not be so royal for a while.

Wanted today's post to be about someone special to me, and honoring all mothers everywhere.  Every woman is special and many are the best mothers in the world.  When it comes to their wedding day, they looked particularly beautiful.  Before "we kids" came along, most of our mothers had their day as a princess in a beautiful dress and a bouquet of lovely flowers to carry.

Here's my mother, lovely as can be on her wedding day in 1964.  One of my favorite pictures of her.
Mother's boquet consisted of white Fuji mums and white Cymbidium orchids with pale pink throats.  The rest of the bouquet was a wired and taped bonanza of tulle, ribbon, lace, love knots, and faux Lily of the Valley.  The two orchids in the middle were actually a corsage that detached from the bouquet, and mother wore that on her lapel as she left the church after the reception.  Now, that's a floral trick from the past if there ever was one.  Maybe I should try to revived that technique!

Royal Wedding Tid-bit of the day...

Two of the bride'smaids from last weeks wedding have very close royal ties.  The two girls pictured here are Lady Louise Windsor, grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth, and Margaritta Armstrong-Jones, grand-daughter of Princess Margaret.  Both carried out their royal brides maids' duties to perfection on April 29th.


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