Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Flowers 2010 - And Royal Wedding Rumors!

Easter 2010 has come and gone, but I have these wonderful pics, thanks to Stan and his camera. Helping out part time at a flower shop certainly has it's benefits. Namely, having access to great floral supply and selection of the freshest flowers available. When I get an idea for what I want my centerpieces to look like, first I search out the desired containers from my home stash... then, just give a list to my part time boss and flower buddy, she has them come in when I want them. This Easter, I went with lots of tulips...why? Because to me, besides Easter Lilies, tulips are the quintessential Easter flower. Some might be wondering, "why the red roses?", since mostly those remind us of Valentine's Day or Christmas... well, our hostess just invested in new dishes... red glass tableware that really sets off some delicate red accents in her newly renovated and redecorated home. So, red roses it was, to coordinate and really bring out the new tableware.

All of the containers this year were clear glass, but each in an unusual shape and dimension. This grouping of containers inspired me to create a real "toss up" of styles and combinations, and including some interesting textures and accents. For instance, one vase simply had tulips and nothing else. Another incorporated Kiwi Vine as an armature to help hold the flowers upright in a very shallow container. Also, I had the idea to completely hide the mechanics on one arrangement by encircling the inside of the shallow vase with bamboo. This last technique I described was extremely labor intensive. Cutting the bamboo into small pieces all the same size too some time. I would be sure to charge a worthy fee for anyone wanting this look in their arrangements. But, it these arrangements for our Easter celebration were a labor of love, and I enjoyed every minute of the design process. Thank you again to Colleen, Kent, Whitfield, and Ross for a wonderful Easter celebration.

Royal Wedding tidbit of the day... Hopefully I was not the only one who noticed the Buzz the last couple of days over the possibility, maybe, might or might not, desperately needed, royal engagement of Prince William to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. I haven't seen that much royal attention on the Internet since Prince Harry was found to be deployed in Afghanistan.

Well, for me, I surely hope that there will be an announcement of their engagement, and really do hope that, if the speculators are correct, that by the end of 2010 there will have been another major royal wedding. Sources suggest that if they are engaged in June, that a wedding would very likely follow in roughly six months, they are thinking November of this year.


  1. Thank you Terry for the lovely Easter Flowers. Everyone commented on how unusally beautiful they were. You understand intuitively what is right for any occasion.

    Thanks again Terry.

  2. The arrangements were gorgeous as usual. Got to LOVE a forthcoming wedding in the Royal Family!!! So exited! What a handsome bride and groom they will be!

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