Saturday, April 10, 2010

Azaleas around Hilton Head

Now that spring has come, and decide to stay, the azaleas are popping out all over. Each state has it's own state flower... if there were a flowers of The South, I would vote for the Azalea. There are plenty of varieties, colors, and sizes to please anyone. Growing up, my home was hedged in front by the big fuchsia azalea hedges. Along with the large bright pink blooms came the big bumble bees as well. Hilton Head's azaleas are exploding just now, right in time for The Heritage golf tournament. Unlike the Bradford Pears and the dogwoods, the azaleas will will be with us for several weeks. Hopefully our first spring storms wont be so strong as to knock the blooms off the bushes. The second pic is of the ever familiar Harbour Town Lighthouse. Harbour Town and all of Sea Pines plantation are preparing for the influx of golfers and golf fans. Preparations are underway to make sure that everything is perfect for the the tournament, readying for the eyes of the nation to be focused on Hilton Head Island for a whole week.

Royal Tidbit of the day... on the last occasion of investiture of Garter Knights, Prince William was invested as the 1000th Knight of the Garter. The investiture ceremony takes place in the month of June each year at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. P. William is currently the youngest Garter Knight, but not the youngest to be invested. Prince Charles was made a Garter Knight at the age of 19.


  1. They were gorgeous all over the golf course this weekend!