Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blue Roses for your wedding... you can't go wrong

Spring is in full swing, and I am handing out my wedding flower suggestions to anyone who will listen... no matter if they are getting married soon or not. Hey, you gotta have your wedding flowers planned out and get your look together.

If the Good Lord hadn't intended for roses to be blue, he wouldn't have invented food coloring. What I am saying to brides these days is, "if you have chosen any shade of blue for your bridesmaid's dresses, then you are in luck. Yes, in luck, as roses, those time-honored most respected of flowers, are available in blue! Don't be afraid of tulle puffs and baby's breath either... your mother wasn't why should you be?

Here are some other Hot Wedding Flower Tips for y'all considering gettn' hitched and want'n to decorate the reception hall to the max.

1. Feathers and balloons are real pretty, cheap, come in all colors, and you can find them anywhere!

2. No jackets for the guys? That's o.k. y'all, boutonnieres can now be attached with magnets through the thickest of shirt fabric.

3. Don't waste the money on flowers for your wedding cake, fake doves and over sized wedding rings made of tin (but painted to look like gold!) are easy to find at any party supply store.

4. Don't let that little tummy bulge keep you from wearing the gown of your dreams... Now most every wedding dress place these days has a maternity department!

5. Remember, Pink is a good fall back color for your wedding. In case you can't find carnations in that special lavender tone you're looking... remember, pink goes with everything!

Enjoy your Spring, and this first day of April!

Floral Disaster Tidbit of a royal magnitude... Once I was working at a flower shop in California, it was Valentine's Day. A customer came in and requested a dozen roses for his "old lady". The customers last request was ...wait for it... "don't forget to put some baby's bottom with them." After that, you kinda forget the woes of Valentine's Day in a flower shop.