Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring 2010 ...FINALLY!!!!

It's finally here, Spring, and long overdue if you ask me.

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts, it's been a crazy busy week at work, so the gumption to sit down and write some words just hasn't been there. Plus, Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day. In my part of the world that is a huge deal. So, there were some crazy early hours mid-week getting to Savannah for the parade, and then getting back home early enough to have our regular Wednesday night meal with family.

Our Island is bursting with the white blossoms of hundreds of Bradford Pear trees, this one here, just a few hundred feet away is one of the most vivid I have seen this week. The unusually cold months have really kept the blooming to a minimum so far, and the pears are usually the first to appear, except for the azaleas, which haven't shown any signs of blooming yet. Just has been too cold, I guess.

So, this year was like the 184th St. Patrick's Day celebration in Savannah, GA. I have been to the parade many times, and it's always a family event for us. I started the day by getting over to Savannah around 7 a.m. and was blessed by all the Irish saints with a great parking spot very close to the parade route. Then, headed over to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist for mass. After that, back to our family campsite at State and Abercorn Streets, where I watched the parade from start to finish... about 3 1/2 hours of bagpipe bands, marching bands, Irish families, dignitaries and such. It was a great day... cold, but the rain stayed away until the parade was over. We are really looking forward to St. Patrick's Day 2010 when the parade will be on a Saturday... and we are hoping to be in the parade that year. We were in as a small family group way back in 1977 with my grandfather, long ago, but remember it as being lots of fun... really looking forward to that.
Royal Tidbit for the day... Queen Victoria's favorite flower was Snowdrops, and carried a bouquet completely made of snowdrops for her wedding in 1841. The current British Monarch... Queen Elizabeth II... well, her favorite flower is daffodils. But, her wedding bouquet was made entirely of exotic varieties of orchids, all grown in England.

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