Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Young Victoria's Wedding Flowers

We saw "Young Victoria" this weekend. I highly recommend this movie for anyone... but, especially if you have any sort of interest in things royal.

I have done some amount of reading on Victoria, and with only a few exceptions, the movie was quite accurate. Not to mention that the scenery and costuming was exceptional.

A good friend went with us to see the movie, she wanted to see it with people who knew something about the subject, so after it was over, I was able to tell her that I noticed two things that I thought, or knew were inaccurate. First, and the movie makers clearly admitted this... that Prince Albert was not wounded by a gunman in the assassination attempt on the young queen. Secondly, I noticed that in the wedding scene, Victoria's bouquet was not correct, or at least I think it wasn't. I have read from many sources that her bouquet was composed entirely of "snowdrops", apparently her favorite flower. In the movie, Emily Blunt, playing the queen, carried a small nosegay of all stephanotis. O.K., so stephanotis is close to snow-drops, they are small, and they are white. However, the floral tiara in the movie appeared to be of orange blossom and myrtle... which seems to be accurate from all I have read. The picture above is of Victoria and Albert, I think this photo was made in 1857, however, not their wedding picture. They were married in 1840.

Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... reportedly, due to her station as the sovereign, Victoria proposed marriage, not Albert. In any case, their marriage was a happy one, they had nine children!
Here is a pic of snow-drops, supposedly Victoria's favorite flower and used as her wedding bouquet.

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