Thursday, January 14, 2010

Princess Margaret- getting a handle on it...

Welcome to the 2010 blog posts... it's been a nice vacation. I received many vintage royal publications as Christmas presents. The pic here comes from a commemorative book published just after Princess Margaret's wedding in 1960. There are some great pictures, many I have never seen, that give a new and different view into the Princess's big day with the Earl of Snowdon.

This pic although small, the scanner is not cooperating, shows a rare glimpse of the rear of the bouquet where you can see the carrying handle and the exceptional construction technique... wire and tape all the way. Her bouquet contained miniature orchids, stephanotis, and Lily of the Valley. The handle of the bouquet is very trim... the designer who put this on together had great form and content. It's a smallish sized bouquet, but the condensed form of the materials, surely was very labor intensive. What a princess... lovely with that diamond tiara.

Royal Wedding tidbit of the day... when Anthony Armstrong-Jones married Princess Margaret in 1960, he was created the Earl of Snowdon by Queen Elizabeth. Their children are Viscount David Lindley and Lady Sarah Chatto.
Photo Credit: Princess Margaret's Wedding Book, by Neil Ferrier, Purnell & Sons, Ltd., London, 1960, photo pages.

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