Sunday, January 24, 2010

More of Princess Margaret's bouquet...

here is a rare pic... the only color pic I have seen of Princess Margaret's wedding. It looks like one of those black and white old movies that Ted Turner decided to colorize... anyway, you can see some of the color of the orchids' throats in the bouquet. The are a very small Japhet type orchid with yellow and orange throats... if anyone knows the exact name of these small orchids, please let me know.
I thought I read somewhere that the groom had allergies and they supposedly used flowers that weren't too fragrant to keep him from sneezing through the wedding, I don't know how much of that is true, since the bouquet contains freesia, stephanotis, and Lily of the Valley... all very fragrant flowers.
Royal Wedding Tidbit of the day... David Longman of Longman's Ltd. of London created the bouquets for this wedding, he also was responsible for the bouquets of Princess Diana and Sarah, Duchess of York. Great work Mr. Longman!
Photo Credit: The Wedding of Pricess Margaret, "A Royal Family Album From the Days of Queen Victoria...", 1960, Pitkin Pictorials Ltd.

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