Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Royal Wedding In Monaco... more on the Monegasque wedding...

In Euroupe like in England, they seem to do weddings just slightly different from Americans.  The most recent royal wedding, the one that took place in Monaco last weekend, was no exception.  The newly married Princess Charlene had her attending bridesmaids dressing in traditional Monegasque costumes.  What a wonderful touch.  Someone told me they weren't to thrilled with the hats, but I do think they add a nice touch, especially since the wedding took place semi-outdoors, as it was held in the large central courtyard of the palace in Monte Carlo.

Upon closer inspection of the pictures showing the bridesmaids, their flowers are nosegays that give the impressions of being recently gathered by the girls.  They are arranged simply gathered with roses, ivy, galax leaves, and what looks like to be lavender freesia.  I do really like the nod to the old traditional attire of the location.  The freesia is a nice touch as it adds a continuity from the bridal bouquet, which relied on white freesia as it's main component... here is another photo of the bridal bouquet, on the altar in the chapel in Monte Carlo.

Royal Wedding tid-bit of the day... Much disscussion and conjecture ensued in 1923 when Prince Albert, Duke of York prepared to marrie Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.  The reason for the controversy?  Palace officials oppsosed having the ceremony broadcast on the "wireless" (radio).  They feared that the sacred ceremony would be heard by gentlemen, in pubs, still wearing their hats!  I do wonder what those palace officials back in 1923 would think of the global expossure given to the most recent Abbey wedding?

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