Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene ... Cascade bouquet making a comeback!

So, it was Monaco's turn this past weekend to show the world how to do a royal wedding.  It was a different type of affair for sure, in contrast to the British royal wedding in April.  This time the reigning Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert was getting married to his long time fiance, Charlene Whittstock.  The new princess Charlene was quite a vision in her Armani gown.  I was particularly happy that her bouquet was of the more regal style... a cascade unlike the bouquet of Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.  But, like Catherine's, Charlene's bouquet contained some very traditional bridal flowers.  White dembdrobium orchids helped form the slender cascade portion of the bouquet, while a tight cluster of white freesia and Lily of the Valley formed the round, main portion of the arrangement. 

Finally, and with relief, we have pictures of a royal wedding bouquet that show in close up, the details of this special floral piece.  The bride left her bouquet on a chapel altar, and a photo-op was born.  From the photos, we can see the flowers in great detail, and see something rather unusual.  The bouquet stems are wrapped with black ribbon.  I am anxious to research and find out if this nontraditional color for a royal wedding has any significant meaning.  Or, could it be the floral designers special mark, making this wedding quite different in style and expression from other royal weddings.

Royal wedding tid-bit for the day... A slew of European royals attended Saturday's royal nuptials in Monte Carlo.  On hand from the British Royal family were Edward and Sophie, The Earl and Countess of Wessex.  In tomorrow's post, we'll take a look at the bridesmaids serving at this most recent royal wedding.

Thank you to Zimbio.com for the pictures so lovely posted on their site for us to see.

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