Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flowers for October Weddings

During the lull in Royal Weddings, I was out creating a little wedding magic of my own.  September and October were very busy wedding months for me flower-wise, but, none of the weddings I participated in embraced the traditional Autumn floral themes so popular during these months.  Instead, hot pinks, purples, yellows, pale blues, and shades of green were the order of the day.  One wedding specifically requested a Sunset Color theme, close to Autumn with oranges and coral tones, but incorporating purples, blues and lavender.  They all turned out beautifully... so here is a little photo sampling of the past few months... enjoy!

These are from the Sunset wedding...

Here are a few photos from the purple, hot pink, etc. wedding...

And finally, the wedding using yellow/gold, green and pale blue...

Congratulations to all of these brides and grooms, it was a pleasure serving their floral needs for their very special occasions.  And super extra thanks for my best flower-friend.. Lauri Leber, owner of Flower Shop Bluffton, for he invaluable assistance in the execution of these lovely events.



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  2. Thank you very much to Country Flora! I do appreciate your comments on my flowers and my blog! Terry.

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