Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

The date has been set... and the location!  Friday, April 29th, 2011, in London.  The day that royal watchers and royal wedding fans have been waiting for since 1981.  Personally, I am happy that it is sooner than later, no need to keep the world waiting longer than necessary.  I just hope the English Spring weather is over and done with so Wills and Kate will have a pretty day for their event.

Also, this royal wedding fan is very pleased that they have chosen Westminster Abbey as the venue.  Perfect size for a "non-state-event" royal wedding.  And, it keeps things in London where the media will have easy access, and the world will have a better view of things.  I would imagine that things are chaotic if not at a high excitement level on the grounds of the Abbey this morning (afternoon there).  All the planning that will be needed for this event will surely start immediately.  So much to do, and so little to do it all.  Most weddings these days take around a year to plan and execute, and none of them will have the elaborate details that this wedding will entail.  Music, staff, security, attire, horses, carriages, banners and flags, and FLOWERS!  I am hoping to hear from my dear friend David Longman (legendary London florist, maker of Diana's bouquet) to see if he has any inside information on who the lucky florist will be.  I could speculate all day as to what Kate's bouquet will look like, however, without knowing what the dress will look like, the bouquet would be difficult to plan.  Wondering if there will be a sentimental nod to Princess Diana some how in the style of the bouquet and it's contents... possibly Lady Di roses?  Who knows, only time will tell, and we will find out for sure early in our morning on April 29th, 2011.  Don't forget to set your TiVo's and DVR's.

Royal Wedding Tidbit for the day... in 1947, there was so much curiosity over Princess Elizabeth's wedding gown, that designers tossed bogus designs and patterns in the trash bins in order to distract and confuse the media so eager for a look at the dress.

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